Battle Protocol!

    An Explosive Situation

    Bullet Train to the Rescue

    Spychangers to the Rescue

    The Hunt for Black Pyramid

    The Secret of the Ruins

    Sideburn's Obsession

    Secret Weapon: D-5

    Mirage's Betrayal

    Skid Z's Choice

    Tow-Line Goes Haywire

    The Ultimate Robot Warrior

    Hope for the Future

    Gigatron's Ambitions Revealed!

    The Decepticons



    Attack from Outer Space

    The Test

    The Fish Test

    Wedge's Short Fuse


    Sky-Byte Saves the Day

    A Test of Metal

    Ultra Magnus

    Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion!

    Lessons of the Past

    Assemble! New Troops

    The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus

    Power to Burn!

    Fortress Maximus

    Koji Gets His Wish

    A Friendly Contest

    Peril from the Past

    Maximus Emerges

    The Human Element

    Mystery of the Ultra Magnus

    Gelshark's Blues

    Mistaken Identity

    Surprise Attack!

    Galvatron's Revenge

    The Final Battle